ELECTRICAL SAFETY....Its your duty

Maintaining the  safety of your staff and operatives is Law. You should ensure that you conform to the electricity at work regulations- We can help



Commercial and Industrial Electrical

PRO-Active maintenance

Pro active maintainance will save you time and money- FACT


We can provide you with weekly, monthly and quarterly maintenance visits or to suit your individual requirements using our electricare package.


During our visits, as well as carrying out repairs and maintenance we can visualy inspect aspects of the installation that we suspect may be cause for concern.

we notify the management directly and deal with any imediate dangers as well as advising on current legislation and the electricity at work regulations

New Lighting

Tax deductable

Low energy replacement lighting can help to improve the workplace and increase output.

Office lighting

The right lighting in an office can often increase the spirit of the poeple who work there, In these darker months consider using daylight tubes.

Installation and testing


Testing & Inspecting

Full inspection and testing service from PAT to installation.


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